How Much Protein

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How Much Protein — Learn the ultimate answer to how much protein YOU need to reach your goal. You may be surprised. Yet the research is clear.

Protein guilt

The story goes something like this… “Eat more protein. Get lean and toned muscles. Look better naked.

Truth is, we’ve been brainwashed into believing things like:


– You need to eat proteins with every meal

– You must consume protein every 2-3 hours

– Only complete proteins are acceptable sources


And what usually happens is we end up trapped in something called…


Protein Guilt


As a result you may end up stressing about getting “enough protein” — or making sure you consume protein within 30 minutes of your workout. So you go overboard on expensive protein powders. You drag meals around with you in plastic containers. Or you worry over including protein when you order a meal at a restaurant.


Look: protein is important.


But you don’t want it to take over your life!


The trick to defeating protein guilt is to understand the facts according to the legit scientific research.


And that’s exactly what you’ll discover in a groundbreaking book called How Much Protein.


If you want to know exactly how much protein you personally need to eat each day, this quick page-turner is a must read…


Book Recommendation=> How Much Protein


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