Don’t Fear the Competition – Check Them Out!

It’s easy to get discouraged when we think we have hit on a great idea for a hot new niche and then discover that it has already been done over and over again. That’s when many would be niche marketers give up in frustration. Although there is such a thing as market saturation, don’t give up just because you have competition.

Study Your Competition

Once you have discovered your competition, study them. Evaluate the site for both visual affect and content. Before you take too much time to look around a site, ask yourself what your first impression is. Does the site appeal to you? Why or why not? Are there so many graphics that it takes too long to load? What about the content? Do you immediately see a laundry list of ads or do you notice the ads after you begin reading? Ask some friends or family members to look at some of these sites with you to get a feel for what appeals to them and what it is that makes them want to leave a site.

What is Your Competition doing Wrong?

Make a note of the types of things you feel your competition is doing wrong. This could be anything from the fact that the site is overall boring, or it could be multiple spelling and grammatical errors, too many ads, not enough content or a number of other things. You don’t have to be an expert on niche marketing to see what it is about a site that turns you off. After all, you will be marketing to people just like you; consumers.

What is Your Competition doing Right?

In the same way, make a note of what you think your competition is doing right. Did you get so caught up in reading or perusing the site that you forgot you were doing research? If so, that’s a good sign that your competition is doing something right. How is the site laid out? Is it visually pleasing? Do the ads seem to blend seamlessly into the site? What about the content? Is it new, fresh, and interesting? While you never, ever, want to copy anything you find online, doing this type of research will ensure you avoid making some of the most common mistakes beginning niche marketers make. It will also give you an idea of the kinds of things that will attract visitors to your sites.

Check out the Affiliate Products

What products are your competition promoting? Do they seem to go well with the niche? Which companies are these products affiliated with? Just because your competition is promoting these products doesn’t mean they are good products or that your competition is having any success promoting them but it will give you an idea of what other blogs and websites in your niche are selling.

As you can see, you can learn a tremendous amount of information from studying the competition. You may find that the market is saturated within a certain niche. You may also find that there are not enough quality websites or blogs in that niche and realize that yours is sorely needed.


Stay Savvy 🙂


Choose Your Affiliate Affiliations Wisely

Most niche marketers promote affiliate products as a way to earn revenue from their blog or website. While it would take days to research all of the affiliate opportunities online, doing your research at the outset will prevent major headaches down the line.

Affiliate Networks or Private Companies?

Some niche marketers choose to promote products solely from affiliate networks because they can promote a slew of products with just one sign-up and collect revenue from just one company. Also, it is easier to track your sales when all of them are under the umbrella of one affiliate network as opposed to a multitude of affiliate programs. However, to be truly successful with niche marketing, the products you choose must be the right ones to go along with your niche, not just the ones that are currently available at the affiliate network you belong to.

Choose Quality Products

If you wouldn’t buy it, use it, or if you don’t even think the product has merit, why on earth would you try to sell it to others? You might be surprised how many affiliates promote totally useless and worthless products in their niche marketing business. Quality counts. While it’s hard to escape the allure of 50-75% commissions, you’ll be far more successful selling products on a steady basis that have a lower rate of commission than you will with the occasional high commission sale. Choose quality products, even if the rate of commission isn’t as impressive as you’d like.

How can you know you are choosing quality products if you haven’t personally used them? Even if you could, you wouldn’t want to spend the money to sample every single product you promote. You don’t have to; just use a little common sense and read everything the company has to say about the product. You can also search for online reviews to see what other people have to say about the products you are considering promoting. This will give you a good idea whether or not you have indeed found a good product. If you see post after post about the product not doing what it promises or other negative opinions, it may be time to move on and choose another product.

Choose Quality Companies

Many affiliate marketers promote products from Amazon in their niche marketing businesses and there is good reason for this. Amazon is a quality company with a solid reputation and marketers know their customers will trust Amazon. In addition, Amazon offers such a wide variety of products that it works with almost any niche. There are plenty of other quality companies that want to share the wealth with niche marketers. Do be sure to completely read their Terms of Service. As boring as this may be, it will give you the lowdown and what you can and cannot do in your niche marketing business with regard to a company’s name, products, and advertising tools. You don’t want to find success in niche marketing only to have it taken away from you and your affiliate marketing account closed because you didn’t read the TOS. Not all of them are the same either. For example, some affiliate programs forbid the affiliate to make purchases under their own account; others don’t. Make sure you know all the rules before you start promoting anyone’s products.


Stay Savvy 🙂

Five Tips for the Beginning Niche Marketer

If this is your first journey into the wonderful world of niche marketing, you’ll soon discover that although it takes a lot of hard work to be a successful niche marketer, it is also a fun and fulfilling way to earn money online. Here are some tips gleaned from successful niche marketers to get you started.

Choose a Niche You Care About

Over and over, successful niche marketers emphasize that the key to their success lies in choosing niches that they feel passionate about. When you choose a niche that has personal meaning for you, all the work that you have to do to get it up and running and then to maintain it doesn’t seem like such drudgery. On the other hand, many niche marketers that have chosen niches based solely on keywords or hot market trends have quickly burned out and abandoned their entire project. It was just too difficult to slave away day after day, week after week, and watch the pennies trickle in while they were struggling to promote something they really didn’t care much about. If you don’t care enough about your subject to devote months of hard work to it, then you probably need to choose another niche altogether because even if you stick with it, chances are your lack of affection will show through and customers will see right through you. The age-old truth is that if you don’t believe in your product, your customers won’t either.

Get Your Own Website

You’ve probably read articles about how easy it is to get started in niche marketing without spending a dime and without having your own website. While it is true that you can have some marketing success without your own website, your success will be limited and it will be difficult, if not impossible, for you to develop the web presence you need to develop in order to be regarded as an expert in your niche. Look at it as an investment in your future and then go price the monthly rental on a brick and mortar storefront. You’ll quickly decide that it is very economically feasible to have your own website.

Write or Hire Writers to Write Quality Content

You don’t have to be a writer to be a successful niche marketer but if you don’t have the skill or time to write quality content, then you might want to outsource that important job to a writer. If you do outsource this position, you want to find someone who is knowledgeable about your niche or you risk paying for articles that do nothing but rehash all the other content already online about your niche. While there’s nothing wrong with conducting research online, you want writers that don’t have to get the basics from research; you want writers that understand how niche marketing in your particular niche really works.


Stay Savvy 🙂

Turn Your Hobby Into Cold, Hard Cash!


If you’re using the Internet, and you have a hobby, then you need to know how to combine the two ingredients and start turning a profit from the very things you enjoy doing in life.


Hobbies sell well on the World Wide Web, whether it’s the tools and materials needed to allow others to fulfill their dreams, or instructions on how to do it.  Some people just enjoy buying the fruits of your labor if your hobby is one that results in a work of art or item of interest to others.


  Hobbies are a big business both on and off the ‘net.  Go into any Barnes and Noble and people are spending money left and right on heir hobbies – learning everything there is to know about them.


Information can be sold in book form (both print and eBooks), streaming audio instructions, online video files, DVDs, and CDs.  Information is probably one of the hottest commodities on the ‘net, and information on hobbies is one of the prime ways to cash in on it.


You can create a simple how-to information product on your hobby and release it on the ‘net on your own website, setting up an automated system to take the money and deliver the product to the customer.


Or, you may want to sell something more tangible about your hobby through eBay, and manage the money system and shipping manually.  You have a long list of niches to choose from in the hobby world.


Anything you can do can be turned into a hobby, from home repair to tracing names off of tombstones.  Some are really off the wall hobbies that piqué people’s interest, like finding treasures in dumpsters.


Instead of creating a broad information product on your hobby, try to focus it more narrowly.  Instead of a Guide to golf, for instance, try writing an eBook on How to Master Your Game Around the Green.


If cooking is your hobby, then you can make money on it by writing a How-to guide on cooking for diabetics or cooking with chocolate.  You might even write an information product showing others how to make money from their cooking hobby!


Before developing a product, make sure you conduct thorough keyword research and see if the hobby within your niche has enough interest to generate a handsome profit if you put time into creating a valuable information product for their consumption.


Stay Savvy 🙂

How to Hunt Down Profits with Your Hobbies


Having a hobby is great.  It fulfills your life in more ways than one – giving you pleasure and relaxing your mind and body.  But did you know it’s also possible to earn money from the things you enjoy?


Millions of people all around the world are making money from their hobbies.  It might be something quirky like taking metal garbage and creating beautiful works of art from it, or something tame like writing non-fiction.


Virtually any hobby can be turned into a money-making idea. How you start churning profits can be accidental or on purpose.  Perhaps you’ve knitted a beautiful scarf and co-workers are now asking you to knit them one.  That’s accidental profiting.


There’s another way to set out on your quest for money from your hobbies – starting a business on the side! Not everyone can afford to quit their day job and start doing their hobby for a living.


Most often, it starts out as a side job and gradually builds into a full-time profit machine.  You need to take a pro-active approach to your wealth-building.  Start brainstorming ways you can make money form your hobby.


If you enjoy crafts, you could sell the finished crafts, sell the materials and instructions to help others make the craft, or even sell an eBook on how to enjoy and master the craft itself.


You might even launch a newsletter where subscribers pay to access new up-to-date information about a particular craft, like a craft-of-the-week hobby alert!  The possibilities are endless.


Or if sports are your hobby, you can monetize it on or off the ‘net.  You might want to give golf lessons or write a short eBook about shaving 6 points off of your short game.  Or maybe you can sell baseball cards on eBay and build a profitable business that way.


Almost any hobby can be profitable for you – including collecting items like stamps, dolls, and antiques, traveling to different places, arts and crafts, and even technology.


You can even start a simple blog detailing your hobby and put ads on it using Google AdSense.  That way, whenever anyone visits your blog and clicks on an ad, you get paid for it!  Start evaluating how you can turn your hobby into a business today, and implement a plan to make those dreams come true.


Stay Savvy 🙂

Can Hobbies Really Bring in Hordes of Money?


Have you ever wished you could turn your hobby into a full time career?  If you’re passionate about something, it’s very rewarding when you find a way to get paid for what you love to do.


Hobbies of all kinds are turning ordinary people into profitable business owners.  You may start out painting, quilting, or stamp collecting for fun, but as you’ll quickly realize, there’s money to be made form hobbies.


How much have you personally spent towards your hobby in the last year?  For some people, it’s a huge investment because hobbies provide entertainment and relaxation.


For others, the cost of dabbling in their hobby is quite expensive, so they limit their spending and splurge every now and then.  What if you were to learn a way to turn that hobby into a cash cow?  It’s not only possible, but millions of men and women around the world are launching full-scale companies based on what they love to do.


You might have a hobby that you enjoy doing as a family, or with your spouse.  Wouldn’t it be great to start earning money from it and be able to do it fulltime instead of just when you have a little bit of extra time?


There are many ways to profit from your hobbies.  Some people are into arts and crafts.  They create special, unique items and then sell them on eBay.  Others launch their own website that sells items such as scented candles and other self-made products.


You might profit from your hobby by selling services, or promoting your items offline at a trading event.  The possibilities are endless.  One thing to keep in mind as well is that if you enjoy participating in this hobby, chances are others do, too.


  That opens up an entire new avenue for profits because you might enjoy getting into the business of selling the items other people need to enjoy the hobby.  For instance, if you love painting, you might love selling paint supplies to the public and being an authority figure they can go to when they have questions about it.


Many people start out seeing a little bit of money trickle in from turning their hobby into a business, but in the end, they realize it’s much more profitable than they had expected, taking in six figures from the very thing that brings them so much joy.  Make time to investigate the possibility that your passion can bring you mounds of wealth in addition to a lot of satisfaction.


Stay Savvy 🙂



Cashing in on Your Spare-Time Interests


Have you ever thought about earning a full time living from your hobbies?  It doesn’t matter if it’s sports, crafts, or even trading merchandise – it’s more than possible to earn a living with your hobbies – it’s the major source of income for millions of people all over the world!


Sometimes what seems like a career actually begins as a hobby for someone.  Many couples that are adept at home repairs have a hobby of investing property, fixing it up, and flipping it into a profit.


The key to making mounds of money from your hobby is to pick something that makes you happy.  You may not enjoy home repairs like your neighbor.  Maybe you have a passion for taking everyday things and making an extraordinary piece of art from them.


The best thing about profiting from your hobbies is that you’re doing something that relaxes you and gives you joy in life.  Not many people can say that about their jobs.  In fact, most people in surveys would love to trade in their 9-5 corporate gigs for something more rewarding.


You don’t have to be a degreed expert in a particular field to take advantage of what your hobbies have to offer.  Your expertise is simply the time you’ve invested learning your craft.


If you’d love to turn your hobby into a money-maker, then you have to treat it like a business of sorts.  You can’t rely on people to just come up to you and hand over their money.


One way you can make money from your hobby is to simply sell the work that you do, if it’s applicable to what your hobby is.  If you make jewelry, then you can create a website where you sell it on the ‘net.  If you write as a hobby, then you can launch a business ghostwriting for others.


But there’s another way you can cash in on your hobbies – by teaching others what you know about it.  You see, if you’re interested in something as a relaxing, enjoyable pastime, then chances are there are thousands, if not millions, of other people who have the exact same interests as you do – and are willing to pay for more information!


Think back to when you first started dabbling in your hobby.  Did you read books about it or visit websites to learn from others?  From knitting to golfing, people pay for information that helps them enjoy their hobbies even more – and you can be the resource they need to make their dreams happen!


Stay Savvy 🙂

Do What You Love and Get Paid for It!


How many people can wake up in the morning and, instead of joining the flood of traffic headed into the corporate world, focus on doing just what they love?  If you’re not already rich enough to enjoy your hobbies, you might consider a way to let your hobbies make you rich!


It’s amazing how many people stumbled on their dreams just by accidentally profiting from their hobbies.  You may need to do a little bit of research to see where the profits lie in regards to your particular hobby.


With some hobbies, the way to make money might be obvious.  Crafts can be sold for a profit if they’re unique and the public is willing to pay for it.  But what if your hobby is knitting?  Will anyone actually pay for the sweaters and scarves you create?


You have to start your quest for information by going to the king of all search engines – Google.  When you get to Google, type in the name of your hobby.  If I enter knitting, I find a list of results form Google, but on the right side of the screen is a list of ads.


      Click on those ads to find out other people are profiting from that hobby.  When I do this, I see several results.  Some are for online magazines people sell subscriptions to, or newsletters where they can read knitting tips and stories.


Other results in the ad section are for dyes to dye the yarn, or the yarn itself.  Supplies people buy for their knitting hobby can be a goldmine of profits for you.  You may not be selling the results of your hobby directly, but your expertise plays an important role because the buying public trusts you to sell them quality materials.


You can go to a keyword tool to find out what people are searching for within your hobby, and then create a business out of those searches.  Download a free keyword tool like Good Keywords and use it to see how the public searches within that niche.


When I do this and search for knitting, I find out many people are seeking knitting instructions, knitting machines, knitting supplies, knitting books, and knitting stores on the ‘net.


You could open an online store that sells knitting patterns, knitting needles, yarn, dyes, and projects and even make money teaching your hobby to others with the same interests but less skill than you possess.  Making money from your hobby isn’t hard.  You just have to find out how the masses need your expertise and then charge for it to consumers willing to pay.


Stay Savvy 🙂


Getting Started Making Money With Amazon – Part 2

In Getting Started Making Money With Amazon Part 1, we walked through the steps up until finding your web hosting. Now let’s look at the final steps to getting started.

6. Install the blog software – Why blog software? Because it will provide with the necessary structure to make it easy for you to run an effective site and post new content easily. WordPress is the most popular. It is open source, which means it’s free, it’s easy to install, and it is extremely powerful. Many web hosts have a one-step process for installation, or just download and follow the instructions provided.

Web Hosting

7. Make it look good – One of the perks to WordPress is all the templates that you have to choose from. In addition to the hundreds of free themes, there are hundreds of WordPress themes you can buy. Pick a theme that looks good, ties to your niche, has the layout you want, and offers what you want to be able to do in terms of tools.

8. Create your categories – Your blog software should allow you to setup categories that help you to organize your entries so it is easier for your visitors to find what it is they are interested in reading. For example, your Jack Russel site might have a number of categories such as training, eating, toys, etc.

9. Become an Amazon Associate – The sign up is simple, and it’s free. Just go to the Amazon site and at the bottom click the ‘Join Associates’ link. You’ll want to have your site set up – at least the basics with some content, as they are going to review your site.

10. Create the blog posting links – There are different ways to create your links. You can use the tools offered by your blog software, but the easiest way is using the Amazon Build A Link tool. Log into your Associate page, and find the product you want to review. Build your personalized link. There are a number of options for link building but most would tell you that the text links are most effective.

11. It’s time to blog – The time has come to write your blog review and post it. You will insert your link code to the product on the Amazon site (created above) that you are writing the review for. You will want to include a number of reviews.

12. Promote your website – Make sure you take time to promote your website/blog. There are all kinds of online communities that can help you do this, as well as social media, directories, etc. The more exposure the better!

There you have it – in Part 2 we have set you up so that you are ready to start making money with your Amazon affiliate program. So what are you waiting for? Why not get busy today?


Stay Savvy 🙂

Getting Started Making Money With Amazon– Part 1

Since you’re here reading this, you’ve likely already heard about how you can make money with Amazon Affiliate Program. Perhaps you have already created your own website and hosted it in hopes of making some good coin with Amazon Affiliate Program. If you are unsure exactly how to do that, you aren’t alone. Here are some steps to get you started.

1. Learn basic HTML – If you don’t know HTML already, now is a good time to learn it. It will help to keep your costs down and give you more flexibility. Many sites are WYSIWYG but the trouble is you lack any flexibility when it comes to creating hyperlinks, formatting text, and carrying out other tasks that can help you to make money with Amazon. There are tons of HTML tutorials online so in no time at all you can learn the basics.

2. It’s time to decide what your niche or topic will be – If you are planning to make recommendations, do product reviews, or just talk about a certain product or products in an effort of selling that product. Make sure you choose a narrow niche that is distinct and will be easy to target. For example Latin dance, card making, Jack Russell, etc.

3. Pick the domain name – make sure that you give this the thought it deserves. Choose a name that is keyword rich to help you with SEO, a name that is relevant, and matches your niche. Of course, it will have to be available so have a few options that you’ll be happy with. For example, or you can also be creative in case the domain you want isn’t available by using hyphens, such as or choose a different domain extension. There are tons – for example net, ca, org, edu, etc.

4. Register the domain name – Many hosting sites are set up so you can register your domain right away but if not you can register it separately through many different sites. Once you register your domain name, it will be yours to use. Registering a domain for a year ranges from $10 to $20 on average.

5. Setup web hosting – This is where you need to be careful. There is really expensive web hosting and generally there is no reason to pay high rates. Even if they offer all kinds of tools most people don’t use the majority of these features and you’ll be paying for them. You should be able to find hosting for as little as $5 a month, and for as little as $10 you can find hosting for unlimited sites.

Web Hosting
There you’ve got a good start. Read Part 2 for the final steps in getting started making money with Amazon.


Stay Savvy 🙂