Don’t Fear the Competition – Check Them Out!

It’s easy to get discouraged when we think we have hit on a great idea for a hot new niche and then discover that it has already been done over and over again. That’s when many would be niche marketers give up in frustration. Although there is such a thing as market saturation, don’t give up just because you have competition.

Study Your Competition

Once you have discovered your competition, study them. Evaluate the site for both visual affect and content. Before you take too much time to look around a site, ask yourself what your first impression is. Does the site appeal to you? Why or why not? Are there so many graphics that it takes too long to load? What about the content? Do you immediately see a laundry list of ads or do you notice the ads after you begin reading? Ask some friends or family members to look at some of these sites with you to get a feel for what appeals to them and what it is that makes them want to leave a site.

What is Your Competition doing Wrong?

Make a note of the types of things you feel your competition is doing wrong. This could be anything from the fact that the site is overall boring, or it could be multiple spelling and grammatical errors, too many ads, not enough content or a number of other things. You don’t have to be an expert on niche marketing to see what it is about a site that turns you off. After all, you will be marketing to people just like you; consumers.

What is Your Competition doing Right?

In the same way, make a note of what you think your competition is doing right. Did you get so caught up in reading or perusing the site that you forgot you were doing research? If so, that’s a good sign that your competition is doing something right. How is the site laid out? Is it visually pleasing? Do the ads seem to blend seamlessly into the site? What about the content? Is it new, fresh, and interesting? While you never, ever, want to copy anything you find online, doing this type of research will ensure you avoid making some of the most common mistakes beginning niche marketers make. It will also give you an idea of the kinds of things that will attract visitors to your sites.

Check out the Affiliate Products

What products are your competition promoting? Do they seem to go well with the niche? Which companies are these products affiliated with? Just because your competition is promoting these products doesn’t mean they are good products or that your competition is having any success promoting them but it will give you an idea of what other blogs and websites in your niche are selling.

As you can see, you can learn a tremendous amount of information from studying the competition. You may find that the market is saturated within a certain niche. You may also find that there are not enough quality websites or blogs in that niche and realize that yours is sorely needed.


Stay Savvy 🙂


Choose Your Affiliate Affiliations Wisely

Most niche marketers promote affiliate products as a way to earn revenue from their blog or website. While it would take days to research all of the affiliate opportunities online, doing your research at the outset will prevent major headaches down the line.

Affiliate Networks or Private Companies?

Some niche marketers choose to promote products solely from affiliate networks because they can promote a slew of products with just one sign-up and collect revenue from just one company. Also, it is easier to track your sales when all of them are under the umbrella of one affiliate network as opposed to a multitude of affiliate programs. However, to be truly successful with niche marketing, the products you choose must be the right ones to go along with your niche, not just the ones that are currently available at the affiliate network you belong to.

Choose Quality Products

If you wouldn’t buy it, use it, or if you don’t even think the product has merit, why on earth would you try to sell it to others? You might be surprised how many affiliates promote totally useless and worthless products in their niche marketing business. Quality counts. While it’s hard to escape the allure of 50-75% commissions, you’ll be far more successful selling products on a steady basis that have a lower rate of commission than you will with the occasional high commission sale. Choose quality products, even if the rate of commission isn’t as impressive as you’d like.

How can you know you are choosing quality products if you haven’t personally used them? Even if you could, you wouldn’t want to spend the money to sample every single product you promote. You don’t have to; just use a little common sense and read everything the company has to say about the product. You can also search for online reviews to see what other people have to say about the products you are considering promoting. This will give you a good idea whether or not you have indeed found a good product. If you see post after post about the product not doing what it promises or other negative opinions, it may be time to move on and choose another product.

Choose Quality Companies

Many affiliate marketers promote products from Amazon in their niche marketing businesses and there is good reason for this. Amazon is a quality company with a solid reputation and marketers know their customers will trust Amazon. In addition, Amazon offers such a wide variety of products that it works with almost any niche. There are plenty of other quality companies that want to share the wealth with niche marketers. Do be sure to completely read their Terms of Service. As boring as this may be, it will give you the lowdown and what you can and cannot do in your niche marketing business with regard to a company’s name, products, and advertising tools. You don’t want to find success in niche marketing only to have it taken away from you and your affiliate marketing account closed because you didn’t read the TOS. Not all of them are the same either. For example, some affiliate programs forbid the affiliate to make purchases under their own account; others don’t. Make sure you know all the rules before you start promoting anyone’s products.


Stay Savvy 🙂

Five Tips for the Beginning Niche Marketer

If this is your first journey into the wonderful world of niche marketing, you’ll soon discover that although it takes a lot of hard work to be a successful niche marketer, it is also a fun and fulfilling way to earn money online. Here are some tips gleaned from successful niche marketers to get you started.

Choose a Niche You Care About

Over and over, successful niche marketers emphasize that the key to their success lies in choosing niches that they feel passionate about. When you choose a niche that has personal meaning for you, all the work that you have to do to get it up and running and then to maintain it doesn’t seem like such drudgery. On the other hand, many niche marketers that have chosen niches based solely on keywords or hot market trends have quickly burned out and abandoned their entire project. It was just too difficult to slave away day after day, week after week, and watch the pennies trickle in while they were struggling to promote something they really didn’t care much about. If you don’t care enough about your subject to devote months of hard work to it, then you probably need to choose another niche altogether because even if you stick with it, chances are your lack of affection will show through and customers will see right through you. The age-old truth is that if you don’t believe in your product, your customers won’t either.

Get Your Own Website

You’ve probably read articles about how easy it is to get started in niche marketing without spending a dime and without having your own website. While it is true that you can have some marketing success without your own website, your success will be limited and it will be difficult, if not impossible, for you to develop the web presence you need to develop in order to be regarded as an expert in your niche. Look at it as an investment in your future and then go price the monthly rental on a brick and mortar storefront. You’ll quickly decide that it is very economically feasible to have your own website.

Write or Hire Writers to Write Quality Content

You don’t have to be a writer to be a successful niche marketer but if you don’t have the skill or time to write quality content, then you might want to outsource that important job to a writer. If you do outsource this position, you want to find someone who is knowledgeable about your niche or you risk paying for articles that do nothing but rehash all the other content already online about your niche. While there’s nothing wrong with conducting research online, you want writers that don’t have to get the basics from research; you want writers that understand how niche marketing in your particular niche really works.


Stay Savvy 🙂

How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (4/4) – Be Accessible to Your Audience

Accessibility is important to your prospects and customers. So few marketers are truly open to hearing from their customers and when it happens, word spreads and you cultivate the right kind of reputation.


Many marketers put up a wall between themselves and their online audience. They don’t engage in blog comment discussions once a post is created. Even Seth Godin himself doesn’t even allow comments on his blog anymore – and he’s always talking about developing a loyal tribe.


So it’s good to see marketers who are there for their audience and who take time to interact with the people who need and want their help. There are even some marketers who create a help desk so that tickets are opened, rather than a simple email sent.


Of course that’s an option for you, and it might even be necessary if you have a lot of technique elements to your site, but it means a lot when your reader can just contact you – and get a response from you, not a virtual assistant that you’ve hired – or worse – made up to make it look like you’re more important than you really are (it happens).

The best way to be accessible as a leader in your niche is to do the following:

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How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (3/4) – Promote and Produce with Ethics in Mind

Never create products where you intend to leave vital information out or intentionally mislead your target audience. People who market products based on trends or fads alone often do it without even considering whether or not it’s the right thing to do.


They’re after only one thing – money.


When you create products, don’t do what some online experts do and leave crucial details out of the product – in an attempt to squeeze more money out of your target audience at a later date.

Here’s a good example:


As an Internet Marketing leader, you might put out a product that teaches someone how to blog. But your blog product only covers the topics like finding what to blog about, how often to blog, engaging your customers.

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How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (2/4) – Align Yourself with the Best People

When you’re a true leader, you’re never running solo the entire time you spend growing an online business. The top marketers understand that you work individually, but you stay connected with a team of like-minded leaders on the ‘net.


Don’t be afraid of your competition – embrace them. They can be guest bloggers or invite you to guest blog on their site, they can co-create products with you, and they can cross-promote you whenever you sign up as an affiliate to promote one of their products.

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Don’t just look to people who are bigger in status than you are, either. You want to keep an eye out for rising stars in your niche and help make them well-known, too.


It’s not just competitors who you should align yourself with, either. It’s anyone whose products or services are related to your own niche in some way. Let’s go through an example.

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How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (1/4) – Be a Researcher and a Sharer

When you first started marketing online, did you have dreams of waking up in your pajamas, setting up a little bit of content that you carefully crafted with just the right keyword density – and then watching the money roll in?


Well it may have worked that way once upon a time, but thanks to automated tools and scummy spammers, search engines cracked down on that minimalist work strategy and now you have to go to a little bit more effort.

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You might be nervous about being a leader in your niche. You might have these common feelings:


  • Who would want to listen to me?
  • I don’t have anything unique to say.
  • I’m not pretty, young, or smart enough to be a leader.
  • I’m nobody and there are already leaders in this niche.


These feelings are normal, but they’re not accurate. Be honest. How would you like it – as a consumer – if you only had one choice for a restaurant, a salon, a clothing line, a music style, a grocery store, etc.?

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The Silver Linings of Hopeless Situations

You’ve probably said it yourself and didn’t really believe it:  the old saying that behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.  It’s hard to have much faith in that advice when that cloud is dumping buckets of rain on your parade.  But, sure enough, it wasn’t long until the rain stopped and you were walking in sunshine again.


It’s the same with hopeless situations.  We’ve all faced them when we know we’re going to lose or fail at something very important to us.  It could be your business, a marriage, just a board game or a game of cards.


You’re playing your best, but no matter what you do losing is inevitable.  Everything you did seemed right at the time and by the time you discover your mistakes, it’s too late. First of all, it’s never too late until the game of life deals you the death card.

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The Power Behind Continual Journaling

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Thank goodness for journaling and those who journal.  If it were not for journals, much of history would be lost forever.  We owe so much of our knowledge of our forefathers and the world before us to those who took the time to make entries in their journal.


Ship captains kept daily logs while at sea and most of our founding fathers kept journals as they formed a new nation.  Long before that, records were kept on scrolls with quill and some form of ink.


Hieroglyphics line the ancient tombs of the pharaohs giving us an insight into what their lives were like.  Even cave men recorded history on rocks and hillsides.  Where would we be today if it were not for journals?


You may say, “Sure that’s all well and good for famous people such as presidents and celebrities, but I don’t have the time – and even if I did, nothing of any importance happens to me.”

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Stop Complaining and Take Back Control

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If you find yourself constantly complaining you must believe you have a real need to complain and your life isn’t where you would like it to be.  If you don’t complain, you probably know someone who does and it makes everyone feel uncomfortable.


They probably try to avoid that person as much as possible.  Whether it’s you or someone else who is constantly complaining, what can be done to correct it and get back to positive living?


Complaining is a bad habit.  A habit, whether good or bad, is an urge to adopt that action no matter what the consequences.  The more you feed the habit the more it will take control of your life and the harder it is to kick.


Complaining typically stems from negative thoughts you’ve created.  You realize you’re the cause of your thoughts so you blame yourself and vent it with complaining.

Refuse to let those negative thoughts become you.  We become what we think just like we become what we eat, drink or do.

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