Improving Relationships That Need Your TLC

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Is there a relationship so true and pure that there isn’t a conflict from time to time?

Maybe.  But it’s doubtful.  No matter who is involved in the relationship a clash is sure to occur occasionally.


It could be a difference of opinion with your spouse, a friend, your children, a teacher or even your minister.  Life is filled with opinion and not all those opinions are going to agree with yours.

That’s when you need to reach down deep and summon your TLC, or tender loving care.  We’ve heard about TLC most of our lives and have expressed a need for it more than once.  It might be good to add a U to TLC making it TLCU.  The U is understanding.


One of the first steps in improving relationships is understanding the problem.  Once you understand the problem or the underlying cause of the disagreement then you’re more likely to be generous with your TLC.

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Feed Your Body What It Needs to Excel

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If your body isn’t getting the foods and nutrients it needs to function properly, then don’t expect your brain to respond appropriately when it’s called upon, either.  Some people spend more money and time feeding the right diet to their pets or selecting proper additives for their cars than they do for themselves.

Your brain feeds on the foods you feed your body and if you’re constantly eating an unhealthy diet then not only does your body slow down so does your brain.  Often this comes on so slowly it’s not noticed until you’re elderly and then the blame falls on aging.

As the brain ages, the memory fades and it loses the ability to help itself.  It becomes an easy prey for oxidation and inflammation, which can kill the brain cells. To lead a healthy and productive life, it’s imperative to tune your body and your mind so that both are functioning efficiently.

Of course, you need to exercise, keep your blood pressure in check and get proper rest, at least seven hours of sleep at night.  If you smoke, stop.  And, concentrate on a diet that’s rich in mind and body enhancing nutrients.  Supplements can be taken but it’s best to rely on natural foods to obtain the best and longer lasting results.

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Do You Have the Courage to Embrace Your Spirituality?

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Following our own dreams and beliefs is often not easy.  We’re afraid of what our peers will think and how they’ll react when they discover we believe differently from them.  This is true not only of small things such as the color of your clothing or the way you wear your hair but will they approve of your choice of a mate or which church you attend.  Does spirituality blend in with your lifestyle?


We want to be viewed as smart and intellectual and many times we’re taught that intelligence and spirituality are two opposites that cannot possibly work together.  Is this true?  Surely, intelligence and spirituality can follow the same path and work together to achieve a common goal.


Spirituality is defined as the sensitivity or attachment to religious values.  It is also the quality or state of being spiritual.  Can we possess the courage to embrace our spirituality when as an intellectual person we find no logical reason to do so?  Many of the enlightened and great thinkers of the world possess this courage to embrace both and teach that one complements the other.

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