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We want you to be able to get powerful training and guidance even if you can’t afford expensive courses. Our job is to create as many Entrepreneurs as possible – well, first, to do that, we need to get you in the DOOR!

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How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (4/4) – Be Accessible to Your Audience

Accessibility is important to your prospects and customers. So few marketers are truly open to hearing from their customers and when it happens, word spreads and you cultivate the right kind of reputation.


Many marketers put up a wall between themselves and their online audience. They don’t engage in blog comment discussions once a post is created. Even Seth Godin himself doesn’t even allow comments on his blog anymore – and he’s always talking about developing a loyal tribe.


So it’s good to see marketers who are there for their audience and who take time to interact with the people who need and want their help. There are even some marketers who create a help desk so that tickets are opened, rather than a simple email sent.


Of course that’s an option for you, and it might even be necessary if you have a lot of technique elements to your site, but it means a lot when your reader can just contact you – and get a response from you, not a virtual assistant that you’ve hired – or worse – made up to make it look like you’re more important than you really are (it happens).

The best way to be accessible as a leader in your niche is to do the following:

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How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (3/4) – Promote and Produce with Ethics in Mind

Never create products where you intend to leave vital information out or intentionally mislead your target audience. People who market products based on trends or fads alone often do it without even considering whether or not it’s the right thing to do.


They’re after only one thing – money.


When you create products, don’t do what some online experts do and leave crucial details out of the product – in an attempt to squeeze more money out of your target audience at a later date.

Here’s a good example:


As an Internet Marketing leader, you might put out a product that teaches someone how to blog. But your blog product only covers the topics like finding what to blog about, how often to blog, engaging your customers.

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How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (2/4) – Align Yourself with the Best People

When you’re a true leader, you’re never running solo the entire time you spend growing an online business. The top marketers understand that you work individually, but you stay connected with a team of like-minded leaders on the ‘net.


Don’t be afraid of your competition – embrace them. They can be guest bloggers or invite you to guest blog on their site, they can co-create products with you, and they can cross-promote you whenever you sign up as an affiliate to promote one of their products.

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Don’t just look to people who are bigger in status than you are, either. You want to keep an eye out for rising stars in your niche and help make them well-known, too.


It’s not just competitors who you should align yourself with, either. It’s anyone whose products or services are related to your own niche in some way. Let’s go through an example.

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How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (1/4) – Be a Researcher and a Sharer

When you first started marketing online, did you have dreams of waking up in your pajamas, setting up a little bit of content that you carefully crafted with just the right keyword density – and then watching the money roll in?


Well it may have worked that way once upon a time, but thanks to automated tools and scummy spammers, search engines cracked down on that minimalist work strategy and now you have to go to a little bit more effort.

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You might be nervous about being a leader in your niche. You might have these common feelings:


  • Who would want to listen to me?
  • I don’t have anything unique to say.
  • I’m not pretty, young, or smart enough to be a leader.
  • I’m nobody and there are already leaders in this niche.


These feelings are normal, but they’re not accurate. Be honest. How would you like it – as a consumer – if you only had one choice for a restaurant, a salon, a clothing line, a music style, a grocery store, etc.?

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How To Earn Cash With Your Mobile Phone

That costly smartphone you’re using might be the way to gaining a little pocket money. A few services will pay you to introduce their applications and perform statistical surveying or point and click with your smartphone. They’re simple assignments anybody can do. While you won’t likely have the capacity to make a living off these applications/services, the additional cash you make may well be justified regardless of the insignificant effort.


Gigwalk explains itself as a “mobile work commercial center.” You can earn a moment paycheck utilizing Gigwalk’s iPhone or Android mobile applications and performing basic field work, for example, shopping, conveying things, testing mobile applications, taking photographs, and more. Accessible in real US metro territories, Gigwalk pays from $3 to $95 per undertaking, depending on your experience and notoriety. (High-acquiring Gigwalk workers can make more than a thousand in a week or a few hundred at the end of the week doing many little errands.)

Field Agent

Like Gigwalk, Field Agent transforms iPhone users into mobile laborers who investigate neighborhoods, filter standardized identifications, check costs, mystery shop, take surveys, and all the more using their smartphones. Consequently, specialists get paid amongst $3 and $15 for every errand. It may not appear like a considerable measure of cash, but rather when you’re exhausted waiting on a line, should take a review and procure a couple of bucks.


Another remunerating application is WeReward, which gives you focuses on finishing assignments or simply checking in at specific areas. Those focuses are exchanged for money (1,000 targets = $10, so a penny for every point). Both iPhone and Android users can join WeReward, and you’ll also require a Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare record. A case assignment for “oinkers” is to take a photo at an area or with an item for 50 focuses (50 pennies).

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